RJ Trucks Financing

Our team has been working hard to exceed your expectations since 1990.

RJ’s Trucks has an experienced financing department with over 30 years of customer lending expertise.  

Our financing department offers convenient in-house financing designed to help you meet your truck and equipment needs.

You have a choice of Purchase Financing options, which include the following features: 

  • On-site processing, adjudication, and customer service: credit services for your purchase are truly “in-house.”
  • Your down payment is always a full capital cost reduction to the credit plan you choose.
  • There is no “hold-back” which gets labelled as the “last month’s payment, so there is never any interest on your down payment.
  • After the first six payments, your plan is open to payout or prepayment with no interest penalty.
  • Simple payment processing by EFT eliminates monthly cheque writing.


If you have any questions or require more information, please feel free to contact Ingrid Taylor financing department. 


Yes, our in-house financing company  has served the commercial transportation industry for more than 30 years with access to many trusted financial sources as well as their own funding resources to provide the best possible terms and options for your success.

Financing varies by customer and is unique to their situation. It is driven by credit score, the business your truck will be used for and a variety of other factors. The RJ Truck team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in arranging financing for all types of credit, including those with low credit scores. 

A down payment on a truck purchase is based on several factors. The primary factors are credit history, truck purchase price, truck model and year, truck mileage, and loan term.

Most lenders do have an early payoff penalty, some more than others. Ask your financing representative for these details. 

Yes, financing is available for first-time buyers. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will work hard to help a first-time truck buyer.

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